General Assembly 2010 in Eptingen (CH)

On Saturday, August 28, 2010 the 3rd General Assembly took place in Eptingen (CH).

Information can be found in the summary.
Birgit H. Hilsbos (chair) called the meeting to order at 8:15 pm, welcomed all attendees and thanked them for coming.Birgit Hilsbos reads the journal and answers some questions. Motion by Birgit Hilsbos to accept the journal. Motion carried.

Due to a computer crash Birgit Hilsbos is not able to present the report in written form. Motion by Gabi Frei-Dora (vice chair): The report will be submitted via E-Mail to all attendees as soon as the backup is successful. The attendees with voting power will control and vote via E-Mail. The result again will be submitted via E-Mail. Motion carried.

Motion by G. Frei-Dora to accept the audited financial statements. Motion carried.

After leaving SFJK the position of Rita Zsuzsanna Szabo is vacant. Vice Chair of SFJK, Ilona Vogt is suggested for bye-election. Motion carried. Ilona Vogt accepts the election.

Agatha Burch will be the first honorary member of FBBSI.

Motion by GWS to change the paragraphs:

Behavior and Character:
Motion carried.

Motion carried.

Exclusionary defects (concerning behavior):
Motion carried.

ED x-ray: As there has not been quoted a due date this task is still valid. Fact is that there are big differences and that BBS with ED 2/3 have been send to countries in which they received ED 1/1 due to the different x-rays. For a valuable grid we still need information from Benelux, Hungary and other east European countries.

FBBSI of course will accept the show categories of each national association, the results and points will count for GP and WINNER CUP.

No dogs from PSBCI will be listed in FBBSI that are not conform to the Circular as well as no litters will be listed. PSBCI is doing its very best to improve breeding, health and behavior of BBS in Italy. They still need more time to adjust to FCI and FBBSI regulations, but they are working hard on it.

BBS with sloping backs should not be considered as champions.

As nobody has any questions any more, Birgit H. Hilsbos closes at 10:15 pm and thanked the attendees for coming.