FCI-Standard no. 347 in English

White Swiss Shepherd Dog
Berger Blanc Suisse
English version of the original French text.

FCI-Standard Nr 347 dated 04.07.2011
Translation of the original French text

Date of publication of the official valid standard: 12.08.2011

FCI Standard 347 en in pdf

Official illustration of the FCI standard no. 347

In April 2008 the Swiss Kennel Club, responsible national canine organisation for the breed BBS/WSSD among the FCI, submitted a new illustration for the standard no. 347.

Exclusively published by FBBSI.

This illustration has been submitted to all national associations and is now published on the FCI website.

With this one of the first projects «FBBSI for BBS worldwide» supported by our members was successfully completed.

False «official» standard illustrations?

Unfortunately there were several false reports with allegedly official and binding drawings for FCI standard no. 347 in the past.

This nice picture for example was never authorized as an official FCI standard illustration.