Character profile for the breed

The summary of the «bases for the deveopment of the WSSD Character Profile» has been submitted to the board on February 15, 2010 and has been submitted to the breeding clubs. The FBBSI GA 2015 approved the profile.

Character standard for the breed

Next the FBBSI members will work out the needed character standard / profile for the breed.
Details follow.

Official illustration of the FCI standard no. 347

On February 20, 2008 the Swiss Kennel Club (SKG) – the responsible national canine association for the breed BBS/WSSD approved this new illustration and submitted it to the FCI as official illustration for the standard no. 347.

Now exclusively published by FBBSI.

Unfortunately there still are several false reports with drawings of allegedly official illustrations for the standard no. 347. This one is the only official.

Many thanks to all friends of the BBS who supplied documents and pictures. This allowed the well known Swiss artist and cynologist Mrs. Maya Delaquis to create accurate drawings for the future standard illustration.

This was one of the first projects «FBBSI for BBS worldwide», which was successfully supported by our members.
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