FBBSI Grand Prix 2022 Sport – the Winner

The points are counted and we are pleased to announce the first ranking of the FBBSI Grand Prix Sport 2022. First of all, we would like to congratulate all teams on their results and to thank them all for their participation in this year’s FBBSI Grand Prix Sport. We know how much work, passion and energy it is.
The winning team is Fiorella von Pardiel Grischun with Karin Renner. They reached 54 points and with this result first rank. On the other ranks there are Sabine Hoth-Letzien with King Abas vom weißen Birkenstolz, Sabine Wieczorek with Graf Gabor von Kings Silbertal and Stephan Bolliger with Maximus vom weißen Birkenstolz.
So the ranking looks like this
Rank   Dog                                                         Owner                              Points
1           Fiorella von Pardiel Grischun            Karin Renner                  54
2          King Abas vom weißen Birkenstolz   Sabine Hoth-Letzien     39
3          Graf Gabor von Kings Silbertal          Sabine Wieczorek           33
4          Maximus vom weißen Birkenstolz    Stephan Bolliger             21
Congratulations to your results!