1st Special Cup «FBBSI GRAND PRIX 2017» awarded

The 1st special cup «FBBSI GRAND PRIX 2017» has been awarded to the BOB at the BVWS Special Clubshow «Nordcup» in Berlin (D), June 18th, 2017:

«Archie della Lupa Bianca »
OC v1 CAC(VDH+BVWS)/Best Stud/Nordcup Winner/BOB
Owner: Hans Ulrich Jörg (CH)
Judge: Marianne Müller (D)


Picture l.t.r:
1. chairman BVWS Thomas Zerr
Hans Ulrich Jörg with BOB Archie della Lupa Bianca
Judge Marianne Müller
Sabine Hoth-Letzien with BOS Nuri Lups p’tit Loups d’Amour
Head Specialty Show Thomas Behnke