Price awarded to «WINNER and VICE WINNER FBBSI GRAND PRIX 2018»

On Saturday, the 31st of August 2019 the award ceremony of the WINNER und VICE-WINNER for the annual competition «WINNER FBBSI GP 2018» has taken place on the occasion of the Swisscup in Reinach (CH).

FBBSI president Stephan Bolliger handed over the certificate and the cup to the proud owners of the two dogs «Archie della Lupa Bianca»/WINNER, Hans Ueli Jörg (CH), and «Gwen vom Wolfsmond»/VICE-WINNER, Ilona and Rolli Vogt (HU).

Picture l.t.r.: FBBSI president Stephan Bolliger, Ueli Jörg with WINNER «Archie», Ilona and Rolli Vogt for «Gwen»