General assembly 2009 in Kirchroth (D)

On May 23, 2009 the 2nd ordinary general assembly of the FBBSI took place in Kirchroth (D). Two regulations were discussed and approved, various projects discussed and dates specified.

The general secretary of FBBSI, Birgit H. Hilsbos welcomed 10 delegates at 17:02 h, which represent 8 delegation voices.

Journal/annual reports/account 2008
Journal of the 1st GA from October 4, 2008 in Budaörs, annual report as well as the account 2008, which closed with a pleasing profit, are unanimously approved.

Regulation member categories
The prepared draft, corresponding to the desires of the GA 2008, was discussed and unanimously approved. The regulation creates clarity over the conditions of admission and rights of the different member categories: Founder breeding club, breeding club, breeders group, partnership without right to vote and honorary membership without right to vote. It will be published in German language on the website.

Regulation “FBBSI GRAND PRIX 2009”
2009 will rank six exhibitions among the yearly competition FBBSI GP. The mode is lightly revised. Among other things the quantifying must be gained under at least two different judges. The GP-regulation 2009 is unanimously approved and will be published on the website. Subject to alteration: Dates due to organizational reasons.

1. FBBSI CUP 2009
Starting from 2009 each year a FBBSI WINNER CUP will take place. This representative, international show will start on August 15, 2009 during the 20-year anniversary of the GWS in Switzerland together with 1st Swisscup-Sieger exhibition. In 2010 the BVWS will organize the FBBSI WINNER CUP.

Character profile
The character profile is one of the most important common projects. The “commission character profile” FK WP, which consists of two delegates from each founder breeding club, has started its work according to the schedule and will present a first proposal at the end of June 2009 the FBBSI office. Desired by the delegates the FK WP should quote one responsible person. Besides the intermediate results are to be submitted to the clubs immediately.

Health meeting
According to BVWS a possible date for such a meeting would be the “day of the dog”, which is anyway country widely publicized by the VDH on June 6, 2010. Further information will follow if necessary.

ED evaluations
The proposal of the breeders group BBSBC (U. Warden) concerning ED x-ray and evaluation methods in the different countries was discussed. While in some countries ED x-ray is not even mandatory, others expect 2 or 4 photographs, exceptionally a 5th frontal picture is made. Obviously the results are accordingly different. It is quoted that by FCI there are unfortunately still no obligatory regulations for this matter.

It would be of great interest to create a grid of the different countries concerning the x-ray regulations. The current breeding conditions for the BBS are to be collected to an overview. A provisional classification for countries/regions is provided and the evaluation of the valid health breeding conditions transferred to 6 different delegates.

Questions concerning admission of studs with LÜW degrees more than degree 1 and statistics of active sport dogs were discussed but relegated to the concerning countries.

General assembly 2010
The GA 2010 will be organized by Switzerland, preferably on the occasion of the IHA St. Gallen on May 8, 2010. Alternatively at the date of the 2nd Swisscup-Sieger; information will follow.


The date and place proposals should be submitted to the FBBSI office till end of 2009.

At 19:03 h general secretary Hilsbos closed the meeting. The detailed GA-journal will be send to the members.