FBBSI GRAND PRIX 2018 – The Winners

This year it was a hard competition to become the winner of FBBSI Grand Prix 2018, especially for the males. But now the points are counted and we are pleased to announce this year’s winners of the FBBSI Grand Prix 2018. First of all, we would like to thank all exhibitors for their participation in this year’s FBBSI Grand. We congratulate all of them with their dogs on their results.

Best male and proud winner of the title “Winner FBBSI Grand Prix 2018” will be «Archie della Lupa Bianca» with 24 points and six exhibitions. We congratulate him and his owner, Hans Ulrich Jörg, on this success. They already brought the title “Winner FBBSI Grand Prix” to Switzerland in 2017! This makes Archie both “Winner FBBSI Grand Prix 2017” and “Winner FBBSI Grand Prix 2018”.

With 18 points and four exhibitions, «Gwen vom Wolfsmond», is the best female of the FBBSI Grand Prix. She now has the title “Vice Winner FBBSI Grand Prix 2018”. We also express her and her owners, Roland und Ilona Vogt, our congratulations.

The handover of the WINNER CUP and the certificates will take place in 2019. The place will be announced soonest. You’ll find the details in the rules FBBSI GP 2018 (pdf).

The updated rules for the next annual competition «FBBSI GRAND PRIX 2019» will be published as soon as possible.