BBS recognized in Great Britain as per 1st of October 2017 – as per 1st of April 2018 eligible in UK shows

A further milestone in the BBS world: Our White Swiss Shepherd Dog (WSSD) will be provisionally recognized as per said date by the British Kennel Club (KC) as a new breed!

That means, as of October 1st, 2017, breeders of the BBS/WSSD may register their dogs officially within the KC. The FBBSI together with the GWS will deepen the contact with the responsible people and support them in their next steps.

According to Sue Renno, the rules are such that the WSSD are provisionally recognized for the time being. Thus, dogs of our breed can qualify for the Crufts only in the UK via “Any Variety Imported Breed Register” Class. Unfortunately, the message that we can qualify as a GB via other exhibitions in other countries was not correct.

Update: As of April 1, 2018, our BBS are eligible to attend an exhibition in the UK for qualification of Crufts. This was published in the April issue of the KC Journal, which can be found HERE >>.


The link to the report you will find HERE>>.

The standard can be found in the “Pastoral” group HERE >>.